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Is This Sex Dirty?

Every couple has one thing that they seem to fight (or at least disagree) about over and over again. For some, couples, the big struggle is how to raise the children, how to spend their money or how much time they should spend together. One of the biggest problems that couples experience is with sex or intimacy.

The way most people think, men only think about sex. I'm sure you've heard the bogus statistic that the average man thinks about sex every ten seconds, and these types of things that get passed on just seem to set the stereotype in. On the other hand, it often is said that women want to talk about love and intimacy, but could live without sex. This stereotype is reinforced by soap operas and romance novels which are marketed at women, and have a whole lot of romance, but usually aren't filled with a bunch of sex.

But when the bedroom doors close or people aren't looking, you'll find that these stereotypes are shattered. There are so many men that want to talk about their feelings and intimacy, while women just want passionate sex or even sex with no strings attached. Repeating stereotypes is not what we want to do here, because for every example you give, you can definitely find ten people who break the mold.

Let's forget about stereotypes and work to help out our relationship instead. You don't have to be an expert in marriage or sex to understand enough to help your relationship.

What are Sex and Intimacy?
Maybe we need to define intimacy and sex before we go any further. What is sex and what it intimacy? Some people say that sex and intimacy aren't the same, that they have the different definitions; other might say that they are the same. If you would ask your partner this question would they answer it the same way as you would? Is kissing defined as sex, intimacy or other? What about talking dirty to each other, masturbation and having sex?

If you've know what your marriage blueprint is, you may realize that this affects your feelings on the subject more than whether you are a man or woman. It doesn't matter if you are a woman or a man, if you are a 'wild thing', you want your sexual freedom, and sex and intimacy could be described as one. You love getting naked, and don't want any rules or talking with your partner.

If both partners in the relationship are wild things, the relationship will go smoothly as far as sex and intimacy go. But what happens if you and your partner have different ideas on what sex and intimacy involve. Can a relationship between a carefree wild thing and a pilgrim (who are often guided by their religious beliefs) work?

How does your religion shape your beliefs on sex, passion and romance? If you grew up thinking that sex was dirty or something that should only be done to create children, you probably can find beliefs of that in your relationships today. If, while growing up, you rebelled against that belief, you could be someone who is very open sexually. But if you just let that belief sink in, you may still be a bit more conservative when it comes to sex.

Should you change the way that you think to please your partner? Look at this example of a couple, and tell me what you think:

Mike wants his wife, Andrea to try to have anal sex with him. Andrea doesn't like the idea, because she thinks that it is dirty and humiliating. She also adds that there aren't any reasons to do it, and that it wouldn't add anything to the relationship. What do you think? Can this add intimacy to their relationship, or will Mike harm his relationship by trying to change it.

What should couples do if they are disagreeing with their partner with their level of sex or intimacy? If one person wants to bring in an additional person for one wild night once in a while and the other is totally adamant about it, what can you do?


Why Lace May Be The Favorite Part Of Lingerie

There is a reason that most lingerie features lace, it is seen as extremely sexy by women as well as men. In the lingerie industry the fabric is used in many different styles and designs and it doesn't matter if the piece is all lace or just has lace accents it is sexy all the same. Those who are lovers of lace might have a hard time finding lace lingerie that is sexy and attractive and yet still soft and non scratchy too. If you choose lace that comes from synthetic fibers it will not feel nearly as good as lace from silk. Silk is the only fiber of which lace is made that is not scratchy. Lace from synthetic fibers may be cheaper but you will pay for it by having your delicate areas become tender due to the irritation from this type of material.

It pays to be choosy when you are looking for these lacy lingerie garments so that they are sexy but yet comfortable and practical so that it isn't chafing you and rubbing you.

If you can't afford true silk lace but can't afford it try to go with other options like satin sheer or nude. What this allows you to do is keep your skin against the softer material but still enjoy the lace and there are hundreds of different types of lingerie that feature lace without having it chafing your tender areas. Some of the better choices include chemises and negligees that have satin at the bust area and lace straps. You can also find teddies that have sheer or lace on the sides of the bust. If all types of lace lingerie tends to irritate your skin then try to find lingerie made of silk or satin that features silk or satin with trim of lace at the neck area or on the legs.

One thing you can do if you have lace lingerie that you really want to wear but it irritates you, try this little trick. Fill a sink with hot water and hot water and a lot of fabric softener and leave it soaking for twenty four hours. You may want to keep refilling the water so that it stays as hot possible for the best results. This process will make the fabric limber and take out the itchy and scratchy feeling that most lace has. You may have to repeat this process a couple of times per week before the lace is soft enough.

For most, lace is one of the most desirable features in lingerie but for a lot of people it can be very irritating if it is worn for long periods of time. If you simply must have lace, spend the money and go with silk. This will give you the best in comfort and control plus it will give you a sexy feeling and you will be able to wear it for a long time.


How to Get a Girlfriend- 4 Keys to Female Attraction

Well, you want to know how to get a girlfriend and my assumption is that you don't want to have to approach dozens of women with the hopes that one of them will decide to say yes and go out on a date with you. Most guys have a hard time attracting a girlfriend and when they DO find one, they usually end up getting a little too attached to her and then they wonder why things are not flowing smoothly.

If you want to know how to get a girlfriend, then you cannot look for some theories on what attracts women. Rather, you have to take a look at things that have been proven to attract women and will continue to do so. Otherwise, you will end up running into dead end after dead end trying to figure out how to get a girlfriend.

Here are 4 keys to female attraction that should help you discover how to get a girlfriend:

1. You must be able to really figure out what kind of woman is right for you. Truth is, you could end up attracting a woman that is totally wrong for you and what would be the point in that? After all, I would think that your reasons for wanting to get a girlfriend have more to do with attracting a female that suits you, rather than just having any woman act as your girlfriend.

2. If you want to get a girlfriend, you have to look in new places. Having trouble meeting new women? Well, the quickest remedy for this is to get out and start looking at new places where you can meet new women. Don't let yourself become a creature of comfort where you are unable to get out of a rut and start finding new women. You don't have to just look in the usual places to attract a girlfriend.

3. Flirt with women wherever you go. You want to become comfortable and skilled when it comes to flirting with women and the more experience that you can muster up, the better off you will end up being. To get a girlfriend, you need to be the kind of guy that can flirt with just about any woman and at any time. This is not something to be taken lightly, as it can really broaden your horizons when it comes to attracting a girlfriend.

4. Make yourself get out and approach women, no matter what. This could be seen as a little bit of a pep talk, but you need to push yourself when it comes to approaching women. Face it, the way that the world works, the man is the one that needs to be able to make the approach.

These 4 tips can really help you out with getting a girlfriend, but the key is that you need to get off of your rear and do something, anything to attract a girlfriend. Sitting around and waiting for things to be different is not going to make it happen.


Meet My Penis Sheath - Introducing Sex Aids to a New Partner

Sometimes a man likes to incorporate a sex aid, such as a penis sheath, into his romantic life; yet, while more and more people are admitting that their sexual lives are enlivened by the occasional or regular use of sex toys, it can still be a tricky subject to bring up with a partner. While the use of a sex toy is not directly related to penis health, it can have an impact on the health of a person's sexual relationships - either positively, if a man finds a partner who is accepting of the device; or negatively, if refusal to consider toys causes a rift in the relationship.

So how does a man go about incorporating sex aids into partner play?

Here are a few steps to consider:

* Decide how important the sex toys are. For example, if a man enjoys wearing a penis ring, is it something that he feels strongly about sharing with his partner? For some men, a penis ring may play a role in their erectile success, so it may be important to incorporate it into partner sex. For another man, it may be purely decorative, and he may or may not feel strongly about wearing it around another person. There's no right or wrong answer as to whether a device is important: that's a personal decision. What is essential is for each individual to determine how important sharing the use of those toys is.

* Consider how the partner may react. This can be difficult, especially early in a relationship, but it is important. There can be any number of reactions. It's entirely possible that the partner will be excited and pleased; perhaps she also shares a fondness for sex toys which she has been reluctant to mention. She could also be curious and interested in learning more. On the other hand, she might react negatively. The partner may have strong feelings about the appropriateness of using devices, and that can be difficult; however, it is also possible that the partner's feelings may relate to insecurities about herself or about the relationship. She may think "Why does he need to use a sex toy when he's with me? Am I not satisfying enough?"

* Weigh those reactions. Depending on the reaction a man expects to get if he reveals his fondness for toys, he may then decide whether he wants to move forward or not. This doesn't mean he cannot move forward if he believes the reaction may be negative; he just needs to be prepared for that eventuality. If a negative reaction does seem most likely, he should consider how that affects his approach. He might want to "slide" into the subject, perhaps by talking about how much he values the relationship, what a wonderful and giving lover his partner is, and how he feels he can trust her and talk about things he is reluctant to share - and that one of those things is his enjoyment of a penis sheath, anal plug, or whatever other sex aid may be of interest to him.

* Don't force the issue. The man should be sensitive to his partner's reaction. Ideally, the couple should fully talk out any issues that arise; however, it is possible that the partner may feel uncomfortable. If that is the case, the man should thank her for listening to what he has to say and let her know that he would be interested in talking about it further but is happy to let her absorb all this information and talk about it at a later time.

Talking about a penis sheath or other pleasure implements can be a risk, but it can also lead to an increasingly active sexual life. A man should be prepared for this by keeping his penis in tip-top health; using a top notch penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) is one way of maintaining overall penis condition. The active user should seek a cream that includes acetyl L carnitine, which is neuroprotective and is a boon to maintaining valuable penis sensitivity. Also essential in any first rate cream is the presence of vitamin C, which plays a big role in collagen production and penile tissue firmness.


Why Seamless Stockings Are Still Sexy After All Of These Years

Seamless stockings made of silk and cotton were being worn hundreds of years ago in Japan, China and even ancient Greece. They truly became a indispensable item of clothing in Europe beginning in the 12th century. Men wore them under their breeches (early pants) and ladies wore them under their gowns held up by garter belts. When seamed stockings became the fashion trend among European nobility, the general populace still wore the seamless stocking as they were more affordable at the time. Eventually, the seamed stockings fell out of fashion but the seamless stockings were still worn by the common people.

In the early 1900's stockings came back into fashion and it silk or cotton stockings were part of every woman's wardrobe. Even with the invention of nylons in the 1960's, stockings remained popular and were mass produced. Many of the older generation of the time wanted the traditional knee and thigh high stockings instead of pantyhose. These seamless stockings are often held up with a rubber strip built into the top to hold them up so you don't have to use a garter belt.

As more and more women began wearing pants instead of dresses, seamless stockings somewhat dropped out of sight in the last part of the 20th centuries. Although still available, they were seen as conventional and boring by women who wanted equal rights and to able to compete with the men in corporate power suits. Silk and cotton stockings could still be found but only in specialty lingerie shops or high-end boutiques.

Recent years have found the seamless stockings resurging in popularity. Women have reached a more balanced place where they can compete with the men while still feeling feminine and sexy. Now it is becoming easier to find seamless stockings at local department stores and not just in the lingerie stores. Ladies have realized that the seamless stocking is comfortable as well as being sexy looking.

There are two main favorite types of seamless stockings among women today. The cotton stocking remains popular. They tend to be a little thicker than the silk but still look sexy. Very durable but still looking great with dresses and skirts, cotton stockings are less expensive than silk. Silk stockings cost more but still provide great durability. Silk tends to be more sheer so looks better with fancier dresses and evening gowns. They also remain favored for wearing with lingerie, especially with a very sexy garter belt. Silk stockings are frequently embellished with lace around the top which can add to the allure.

Now available in many stores and at reasonable prices, women everywhere are rediscovering the seamless stocking. Seamless stockings make a woman's legs look and feel wonderful. Comfortable and sheer, they are much more durable than nylons as they don't run and tear easily. Whether with a garter belt or not, seamless stockings are back in fashion.


Friend to Girlfriend Secrets

Time and time again, the question seems to come up from men that really want to turn around their personal life and finally get the reaction from women that they want. Guys want to know how they can turn a friend to a girlfriend and there is a very common and a very good reason for this. Men almost always find themselves falling into the position of being a friend to a woman that they would much rather date than anything else.

If you want to turn a friend to a girlfriend, then there are some things that you MUST do and some things that you MUST know before you can make this happen.

Of course, the easiest answer would be to not let it ever get to the point where she sees you as a friend and nothing more. Then you don't have to worry or wonder about how to turn things around. But, usually the guys that really want to know the friend to girlfriend secrets are already there, so there's not much use into going into that.

So, what are some tips to turn a friend into a girlfriend, once you have already gotten into the friend zone with a woman?

1. YOU have to change the way that she sees you. And the only way that you are going to be able to do this, is to make sure that you are no longer doing the "friend" stuff with her. You don't want to become her shopping buddy, you don't want her to run to you to complain about this guy and that guy, and you don't want to ever hear her tell you that you are like a brother to her.

2. Sometimes you have to go away for awhile. Trying to see here everyday and make her want you as more than a friend is a pretty tough thing to do. If you make yourself scarce for a while, it's easy to reinvent yourself in a way. When you come back around her, you can change the way that you interact with her and she will almost have to see you differently.

3. You've got to cross the line. By this, I mean that you have to be able to risk rejection from her in order to let her know that you are not here to be her buddy. You want more. Sure, it might save some temporary hurt by not risking rejection from her, but in the end, it will probably hurt more to be her friend for years and not be able to tell her how you feel.

4. Act how you would around a woman you desire. That means you need to be flirtatious with her, you need to tease her a bit and you need to be able to create sexual attraction and sexual tension with her. If you don't then you can be almost guaranteed that the friend zone IS where you will end up.

You can turn a friend to a girlfriend, and there are many little "secrets" to make it happen. You have to discover what they are and how to use them.


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